Application for subtotal thyroidectomy or cystectomy

Apply Biologic Protein Sponge on the wound surface after the thyroidectomy and sew the tunica of thyroid gland to accelerate the healing of wound surface and hemostasis, and prevent the formation of postoperative hematoma


Application for hepatectomy

In hepatorrhexis and hepatectomy, stuff Biologic Protein Sponge in the cleft, and then sew.

It can accelerate the healing of wound surface, promote the regeneration of hepatic cells, stop bleeding quickly and prevent bile leak effectively


Application for spinal operation

Promote the fusion of vertble, reduce the adhesion of nerve root and dural sac, and reduce errhysis.

Direction in detail: in spinal operation, apply Biologic Protein Sponge around the dural sac of spinal cord, in the residual cavity of discectomy and in the site of vertebral fusion. It can be applied for disc disease, spinal canal stenosis and decompression of spine injury.


Application for gastrointestinal operation

In subtotal gastrectomy, intestinal canal resection and intestinal canal repair, apply Biologic Protein Sponge on the atresic stump and in the gap of inverting suture of serosal layer of stoma to promote the healing of incision, prevent adhesion in abdominal cavity effectively, which is beneficial to postoperative recovery of gastrointestinal function.


Application for tissue defect due to burn and frostbite

  1. When skin-grafting surgery is applied in tissue area, do operation with routine method. Biologic Protein Sponge is placed on the surface of skin donor site.
  2. If the granulation is not suitable for skin-grafting, Biologic Protein Sponge is placed in tissue defect area with routine method. If tissue defect is larger in area, and there are exposed bone tissues and tendons, apply Biologic Protein Sponge in this area mainly, so that the granulation will grow quickly which forms the foundation for skin-grafting in the second stage.
  1. which forms the foundation for skin –grafting in the second stage


Application for artificial joint replacement

Promote the biological fixation of prosthesis, reduce postoperative hemorrhage.

Direction in detail: for artificial joint replacement, trim the size and shape of Biologic Protein Sponge, apply it on the contact surface of prosthesis and bone with routine method.