The ENDOPATH® XCEL™ Bladeless Trocar is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument consisting of an obturator and a radiolucent sleeve, with an optional pistol handle.

The 5mm, 11mm, and 12mm diameter obturators accommodate an appropriately sized 0º endoscope and provide visibility of individual tissue layers during insertion. The 8mm and 15mm devices do not provide optical entry capabilities.

Features include:

  • Obturator – bladeless obturator allows for optical entry.  It separates, rather than cuts, along tissue fibers, pushing tissue and vessels away.
  • Trocar Sleeve – contains two seals: an outer integrated removable self-adjusting seal that accommodates instruments ranging from 5mm to 12mm in diameter where indicated, and an internal seal. Together, these two seals minimise gas leakage when instruments are inserted or withdrawn through the trocar.
  • Stability Sleeve –  cannula with integrated thread design for fewer trocar slip-outs and increased abdominal wall retention by 89%.*
  • Durable Seal – device maintains abdominal insufflation while accommodating a wide range of instrument sizes (4.7mm to 15.7mm).
  • Low System Drag Force and Low Profile Housing – housing and seals reduces instrument hang-ups and provide low-peak instrument insertion/extraction force1. Low profile housing enables further instrument reach.*
  • Bladeless, Optical Tip – direct visualisation of tissue layers eliminates blind entry insertion.
  • Funnel Lead-In – enables smooth, one-handed instrument exchange.1
  • Release Lever – unlocks housing to facilitate large specimen removal.
  • Recessed Stopcock Valve – compatible with standard Luer lock fittings and provides attachment for gas insufflation and desufflation.  Mitigates inadvertent opening/closing of valve during surgery.
B11LP 11mm 100mm Smooth 6
B11LPH 11mm 100mm Smooth 6
B11LT 11mm 100mm Stability 6
B11LTH 11mm 100mm Stability 6
B12LP 12mm 100mm Smooth 6
B12LPH 12mm 100mm Smooth 6
B12LT 12mm 100mm Stability 6
B12LTH 12mm 100mm Stability 6
B12SRT 12mm 75mm Stability 6
B12XT 12mm 150mm Stability 6
B15LT 15mm 100mm Stability 6
B5LP 5mm 100mm Smooth 6
B5LPH 5mm 100mm Smooth 6
B5LT 5mm 100mm Stability 6
B5SP 5mm 75mm Smooth 6
B5ST 5mm 75mm Stability 6
B5XT 5mm 150mm Stability 6
B8LT 8mm 100mm Stability 6