About us

DENİZHAN MEDİCAL is a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier that provides equipment to medical professionals around the globe. DENİZHAN MEDİCAL offers a value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget.

Our focus is to be a single supplier for all of your major operating room equipment and surgical equipment. By creating just one point of contact, the purchasing process shall be a much more efficient and pleasant process.

To provide innovative, integrated health care products and services; and to be trusted advisors and consultants to our customers – enabling them to deliver the best quality patient care and enhance their practice management efficiency and profitability.

Being THE number one leader of healthcare solutions in the medical sector.

To Our Customers

We provide the best quality and value in products and services, helping our customers, as trusted advisors and consultants, to:

Deliver quality health care to patients

Efficiently operate and grow practices

Increase financial return and financial security.

To Our Shareholders and Venture Partners

We endeavor to provide continued growth and profitability, resulting in a superior return on investment.


We foster an entrepreneurial environment, offer exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth, and treat each individual with respect and dignity.

To Our Suppliers

Together, we create an environment that enables us to grow our respective businesses in the spirit of partnership, with each making a fair profit.

To Society at Large

We act in a socially responsible manner to:

Further humanitarian relief;

Increase access to health care among underserved populations;

Enhance health care advocacy and education;

Positively address environmental concerns; and

Maintain the highest standards of corporate governance.

We will provide a formal, written price quotation confirming an informal verbal or emailed price. This can be communicated by email, fax, or postal mail.
When you are ready to order, please contact us to confirm current prices, payment arrangement, availability, and delivery time of your medical equipment or accessories.

DENİZHAN MEDİCAL warranties its equipment to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and with appropriate maintenance. Length of warranty varies from product to product, please ask your DENİZHAN MEDİCAL representative for specific warranty coverage.
We will repair or replace any defective item or parts covered under the warranty that are returned to us within the warranty period. The following information is required: product, a letter stating the problem, serial number, and copy of invoice or, in lieu of invoice, the purchaser’s name, date of purchase, phone number and address.
Equipment that has been damaged is excluded from this warranty and will be repaired for a fee. Please contact your freight company to submit any claims for shipping damage.
Please do not have your equipment repaired by a third party without prior written authorization. Doing so may void your original warranty.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information provided to DENİZHAN MEDİCAL will not be sold nor given to any third party